The Collection

The Symbol of Revolutionaries

IMG_4403I chose the above image to serve as the thumbnail to summarize the Radical Ephemera collection in SDSU’s database. It was one of the first things I noticed within the collection during the physical reprocessing. The simplicity and power of the image stuns me, and the unmistakable message of resistance through words is truly what the collection is about.

As I continued to scan pages and work through box after box, I was struck by how pervasive the raised fist is throughout the collection. With such a forceful and unifying symbol, both powerful and reserved, the raised fist was, and is, a rallying cry for revolutionaries. So, as I scanned away, I created a little  folder to stuff full of fist imagery, in effect creating my own little collection within a collection to show how dominate the symbol truly is.

Although I could write blog posts on each of the following images, as well as their contexts, I have chosen to only lightly annotate the following mini-gallery,  as the symbol speaks for itself. Please feel free to leave questions or comments below!


The Fists of Revolution

There are the simple fists…


the realistic fists…


the fists of peace…


the fists for women’s rights…


the fists of prisoners…


the fists of socialism…


and the fists that blend feminism and Aztec imagery…


I have not included every fist in this post, as many are repetitive. However, I am nearly certain that more will be discovered as the remainder of the collection is digitized. If any additional, unique fists are discovered, they will be added.


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